Preptober: Week 3, Day 3

How does it make me feel?

soft peaceful curious lazy-afternoon gentle sunlight alone half-smile rest wonder small


Ever’s problem is that she feels so small and insignificant and she’s just one little wrinkly leaf on the ground in the middle of fall. That’s all anyone is, really – except some people are brighter than others. One day she just stops trying to be bright, because it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s dying, why waste energy?

Things change when she starts going slow. Not fast like she once wanted, but slow. Not lazy and lost and trying to forget, but meaningful. Laying down and looking up at the trees. Losing herself in a softer kind of brightness.

There’s another part to this feeling – the blue sky above the trees. That’s when Ever starts looking up, looking above, seeing things in a different way. She starts listening to people’s stories, and she realizes how lovely the sky is.

What about you? How does that picture make you feel? How will that feeling make its way into your story?


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