Preptober: Week 3, Day 2

The first section of this story takes place as summer is fading into fall. One of my favorite parts of fall is the brightness of the falling leaves.

I’ll probably use that imagery many times, but the specific scene I’m planning out is when Ever meets Corban again in the fall. She’s out on a walk after work, trying to forget her frustration by admiring the trees, when she sees him holding hands with a statue, a leaf in his dark hair that’s the same color as his golden eyes. As she walks over to him, she notices that the angel statue is covered in graffiti. She asks him about it, and he starts telling her all about the statue.

This scene has a very yellow feel, similar to the beginning of the story, but this time it’s darker and less vibrant. Colors and statues are incredibly important in this story, so I’m excited to describe all of that in my novel!

What is your favorite part of fall? How will that make it into your story?


2 thoughts on “Preptober: Week 3, Day 2

  1. That sounds really interesting. I already get a really distinct feel of this scene just from the summary. I can’t wait to see how beautifully you weave the full scene. ^-^


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