Preptober: Week 3, Day 3

How does it make me feel?

soft peaceful curious lazy-afternoon gentle sunlight alone half-smile rest wonder small


Ever’s problem is that she feels so small and insignificant and she’s just one little wrinkly leaf on the ground in the middle of fall. That’s all anyone is, really – except some people are brighter than others. One day she just stops trying to be bright, because it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s dying, why waste energy?

Things change when she starts going slow. Not fast like she once wanted, but slow. Not lazy and lost and trying to forget, but meaningful. Laying down and looking up at the trees. Losing herself in a softer kind of brightness.

There’s another part to this feeling – the blue sky above the trees. That’s when Ever starts looking up, looking above, seeing things in a different way. She starts listening to people’s stories, and she realizes how lovely the sky is.

What about you? How does that picture make you feel? How will that feeling make its way into your story?


Preptober: Week 3, Day 2

The first section of this story takes place as summer is fading into fall. One of my favorite parts of fall is the brightness of the falling leaves.

I’ll probably use that imagery many times, but the specific scene I’m planning out is when Ever meets Corban again in the fall. She’s out on a walk after work, trying to forget her frustration by admiring the trees, when she sees him holding hands with a statue, a leaf in his dark hair that’s the same color as his golden eyes. As she walks over to him, she notices that the angel statue is covered in graffiti. She asks him about it, and he starts telling her all about the statue.

This scene has a very yellow feel, similar to the beginning of the story, but this time it’s darker and less vibrant. Colors and statues are incredibly important in this story, so I’m excited to describe all of that in my novel!

What is your favorite part of fall? How will that make it into your story?

Preptober: Week 3, Day 1

I know it’s late I’m sorry my day has been busy but here is the prompt for the first day of week 3!!!

Ever and Aspen celebrate mainly by switching up decorations in their house. Well, Ever does that, and Aspen helps when she has time. They celebrate Thanksgiving together. Occasionally they’ll go on walks together. Aspen loves carving pumpkins, so they’ll do that at least once in the fall. Corban mostly just keeps on doing what he always does – he travels so much, all over the place, that he doesn’t keep track of the seasons.

How do your characters celebrate fall?

Preptober Week 2

Ozark Mountain Cailins hosted this week!! All the prompts are fantastic! Thank you!

Describe a perfect autumn day using all five senses.

My clothes are soft and cute and oversized, the ends of the sleeves rubbing gently against my fingertips. The tip of my nose is cold from the breeze that rustles the orange-and-gold leaves. My hands are almost too warm from holding my mug of hot apple cider (cinnamon-y and sweet, the smell spicy and vivid). Underneath the swirling clouds, the sky is a bright, vivid blue.

Describe your main character’s favorite autumn outfit using as many senses as you can.

A huge yellow sweater is soft against Ever’s dark skin. Her hair is tied back into loose braids, and they tickle her neck as she walks. Her dangly orange earrings sound like jingling bells, and her painted-sunflower tennis shoes slap against the ground (crunching on every leaf she passes by). She smells faintly like cinnamon and vanilla.

Describe a coffee shop using all five senses.

It’s a little too loud – but quiet, if you compare it to most other stores. Voices create a soft hum in the background. You look at the cute mugs while you wait in line. The scent of coffee is everywhere, you can almost taste it – warm and soft and cozy. Big menus. Drawings on the walls. Someone sipping coffee and staring at their computer. Smooth countertops. When you get your coffee, it’s too hot, but the cup keeps your hands warm.

Describe your favorite autumn activity without using the name of the activity or any variants.

Sunlight. Crackling leaves on the ground. Hum of voices. Warm mugs, warm hands. Shoes making soft noises against the ground. Oversized clothes. Laughter. Running into a warm, nice-smelling building. Coming out and shivering at the wind. The smell of warm drinks. Little sighs of contentment. Pointing out reds and oranges and golds.

Describe your character’s world using the five senses.

Cars honking. Bright lights. Peeling swingsets. Rain pattering on rough concrete. Angel statues. Graffiti, graffiti, graffiti (bright colors, loud designs, electric and vivid and alive). The taste of mint. Sidewalk dandelions. Neon signs. “How may I help you?” met with angry words. Freezing slushies. The smell of hotdogs. A tiny house that smells like lemonade, with string lights and worn couches. Home.

Describe the local library using all five sentences.

The front-desk librarian waves as we come in, smiling. It’s sunny and cozy and small. I run my fingers over the sounds of the books – stiff covers, peeling covers, thick covers, thin covers. My shoes click against the tile, then go mute as I step onto the concrete. I sip from a mug of mint tea and curl up on a chair in the back. It smells like books – musty, soft, calming. Aside from the occasional laughs coming from the children’s area, it’s quiet.

I’ll be doing the prompts this week, so you’ll be hearing from me a lot! I can’t wait! How is Preptober going for you?

Preptober Week 1

It is the end of week 1 of Preptober! How did it go for you?

Here are my answers to R.M. Archer’s prompts!

List 10 things your main character is thankful for:

1. Aspen

2. Free online resources

3. Statues

4. Flowers – wildflowers and the ones she grows

5. Her job

6. They aren’t well-off, but they still have the basic necessities and money for some extra

7. The free-entry art museum near her house

8. Food and cooking

9. Her glasses

10. The old man who sits in the park sometimes and tells her about his life

What is your main character’s favorite fall activity?

Ever absolutely loves cooking any fall-related foods.

Does your main character have any fall traditions?

On Thanksgiving, Aspen will take her to their favorite little coffee shop (coffee is expensive and they don’t live near it, so it’s a special treat). Then they’ll go home, put on fun music, and bake a pumpkin pie together.

Pick one of your side characters. How do they feel about fall?

Corban doesn’t usually volunteer his opinion of fall. He doesn’t really like it…but he doesn’t really dislike it, either, and it’s hard to explain why. Everything is dying, but it’s so bright. The trees are beautiful, but they’re dying. They celebrate death, make a joke out of it, scare each other for no reason at all. It all seems wrong to him. But another part of him admires people’s ability to find joy in the season, amidst all the death.

What is your antagonist’s favorite thing about fall?

(I don’t have one solid antagonist at the moment, oops.)

What is your main character’s favorite fall memory?

One Thanksgiving day, when they were heading home from getting coffee, the world was golden and orange and soft. On a whim, they went to a park, leaves crunching under their feet as they walked to the swings, and just talked. Everything about that day sticks out so vividly in her memory. Her nose was cold, her hands were a little too warm from holding the coffee, Aspen was wearing a yellow sweater that perfectly matched the leaves on the ground, the swings creaked every time they shifted, she told Aspen about her ideas for decorating the house, Aspen told her about coming to this park when she was a kid, the light filtered through the trees and left intricate patterns on the wood chips.


Preptober has begun!

And I am late, but oh well.

What is Preptober, you ask?

It is… *drumroll*





In all seriousness, now – Preptober is an event dreamed up by R.M. Archer of Scribes and Archers. Writers are called to plan for the glorious event that is NaNoWriMo. It’s fall-themed, with different categories for each week. Four different blogs are co-hosting:

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